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UChicago society for the advancement of chicanos/Hispanics and native americans in STEM


The mission of  the University of Chicago SACNAS  chapter is to support inclusivity, professional advancement, and educational opportunity for STEM students from underrepresented groups. Our mission to empower and provide the tools for all scientists to succeed in their respective fields, whether it be in academia or in industry. We provide personal and professional networking and development events to the STEM community by leveraging our professional and personal networks, in addition to the national SACNAS network, allowing us to serve, support and lead our vibrant minority STEM student community on campus at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Core mission

Professional Development

Professional development remains at the core of our RSO mission ever since its inception. Across the years, we have hosted events aimed at facilitating the professional development process for our UChicago members. Events range from Fireside Chats with academic and industry BIPOC leaders to technical interview workshops co-hosted with Google.


UC SACNAS is dedicated to efforts related to community building on and off-campus. As it relates to university community building, UC SACNAS has hosted midwest regional conferences aimed at bringing BIPOC scholars from all over the midwest in the past. As it relates to the broader Chicago community, UC SACNAS has led efforts related to donating resources to the Black and Brown communities. Our most recent effort occurred during the beginning of the pandemic, where UC SACNAS filed for a CSF grant in order to provide clothes and food for Pilsen residents.


At the end of the day, UC SACNAS strived to provide a safe space for BIPOC leaders in training across all disciplines (with a STEM focus). Part of our efforts includes hosting study breaks, providing academic resources, and overall helping connect STEM-focused scholars as a means to facilitate the college navigation process.


We are always open to event suggestions, concerns, and/or questions! If you would like to reach out to the executive board please fill this form out or email us. 


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